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Hey all – we received a number of inquiries from our great beta users about how we handle security and privacy.

We wanted to be ultra clear about it, and are in the process of creating proper documents to state how we feel about the issue.

They are long documents, we really want to highlight the core of our beliefs right here though;

You own your data, not us.  You can download it at any time, and we can help you setup automated daily downloads of all your data to your personal workstation.

We truly guide our business by this belief, and you’ll see it instilled in the application as you use it.

Your data is private and secure, and your customer list is treated like your intellectual property

What we mean by this is we’ll never look at or share your customer data that you store in our system, we’ll never mine that data, and if it ever gets out because of our fault we truly believe something like that will put us out of business.

It makes us sick to read about the hacks that happen to major websites where credit card information is stolen – we have one nice leg up over all those large sites though, the data we store is for the most part not valuable to anyone but you – so we should not be a big hacking target.


If you think about it – a customer list almost has no value to anyone besides you, for the most part even a direct local competitor would have a REALLY tough time using a list to their advantage – if all your customers started getting phone calls from a competitor you would surely hear about it – and unless they hate you – most customers would never switch on a cold call like that.

This does NOT minimize how we think about security, it’s just meant to point out that hopefully we won’t be targeted by hackers or organized criminal groups.

This is considered an open discussion with us, and if anyone wants to suggest language that we add to the policies please submit it as a feature request on the Feedback tab on the side of the site – we’ll look at those all many times throughout the day.

Troy & Desiree – Founders/Creators of Repair Shopr