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Our friends Ian, Max, and everyone over at RepairTech recently launched an awesome new product called Kabuto that has been creating a buzz around the tech community. We just finished a RepairShopr integration for Kabuto, so its definitely got our stamp of approval. 🙂

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Kabuto acts as a mini-RMM geared toward techs who are looking to provide managed services to their residential clients. With Kabuto, you simply install a custom branded Windows application on your client’s machines, and specify certain triggers that will alert clients when issues occur and encourage them to get in touch with you for service. You can monitor client devices from a centralized dashboard to know when they are experiencing HD fragmentation, application crashes, issues with HD health and more. This allows you to forge stronger customer loyalty, keep clients up and running, and drive more business (and revenue) back to your shop.

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RepairTech’s CEO, Ian Alexander, has this to say about Kabuto: “It’s built to be a lightweight, affordable, and modern take on the RMM. We worked with techs to understand the core components that they need for providing remote support, so we designed Kabuto to be a straightforward solution and just deliver on those core functionalities, without any superfluous features.”

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The RepairTech team is busy slaving away on new features for Kabuto, so Managed Anti-Virus, a Metrics Dashboard for your shop, and a Patch Management solution is coming out soon. We’re eager to see some impressive growth in the product’s capabilities in the coming months. We know what they’ve done with RepairTech’s tools so have a lot of excitement around Kabuto and all it has to offer.

To learn more or sign up for a free trial, head over to

Also, they gave us a discount code to pass along! Contact RepairTech’s help center with the code: ’KabutoShopr’ to get 15% off the Kabuto Growth Plan!

If you have questions, get in touch with the guys over at RepairTech here: And as always, let us know what more you’d like to see!