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Sourcely Is Introducing a Whole New Way of Doing Business

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve been working with Nima, CEO at Sourcely, on a new RepairShopr integration to allow cell phone buybacks right from your website. This has great potential for adding a new revenue stream to your business, or increasing your existing buyback revenue.

Have You Heard of Recommerce?

Recommerce has generated $7 billion in profit in the United States alone. This will double in less than two years. That’s $14 billion a year in revenue from the buying and selling of used devices—smartphones, cell phones, phablets, tablets.

Sourcely is the Market Leader in the Buyback Repair Industry

Sourcely is the market leader in the buyback repair industry. Why? Because they offer our clients endless possibilities for revenue growth.

They’ll build you a buyback website that provides your customers with over 700 used device quotes. More customers visiting your website means more customers coming to your store to transact business. Imagine improving your overall profits by 10, 15, or even 20 percent. They can make it happen.

Plus, they’ll buy the devices your repair shop can’t use for parts or resale—and they’ll pay you for them within 72 hours.

How Big Is Your Online Presence?

Sourcely can also help attract more customers to your website and elevate your online profile.

70 percent of conversions happen within 5 hours of a mobile search. The surprising thing? Very few repair shops target 5 miles or less in their marketing. This means customers are searching for your services and products – but they’re not finding your store.

Sourcely’s lead generation services make it easy for customers to find you when they need to. They’ll ensure your website rises to the top in major search engines and online indexes. They’ll help you determine your own buyback pricing, promotions, and website design. They’ll optimize your content, and partner with you to improve your social media performance. Some of their most successful clients will see more than $16,800 in profit from these services alone.

With the RepairShopr integration, your Device Widget will show two options for your customers: Start Repair and Sell Device. Choosing the first takes you to the device check in and the second will go to your new Sourcely landing page. Read our full article for details.

We’re very excited to welcome Sourcely to the RepairShopr community!