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Hi RepairShopr’s!

This release announcement breaks from our typical pattern because some of the changes are really big and we are pre-announcing them!

We have been focused on the POS module for a little while and have a set of changes that are going to be pretty big. Our plan is to release them Saturday evening (tomorrow). Please take a moment over the weekend to look things over if you feel this might impact how your shop will run Monday morning.

In order of how excited we are:

  1. Line Item Discounts – now you’ll be able to add a % or fixed discount to individual line items (if you have the new permission) 
  2. All New Z-Report and workflow – now you will have tons of new detail, you’ll be able to re-count, print AFTER the count, and lots more – see a small preview here:
  3. POS Transactions Email – you are now able to email Receipts to any email address 
  4. Refunds – Misc Amounts now supported – now you will be able to, for example, refund a partial invoice even if it has just one line item
  5. Lock Screen – Now when switching users, the screen is locked and a valid pin must be entered (or you can refresh to land on the full login screen) to continue
  6. POS Timeout – When the POS screen sits idle, it will automatically lock the screen. Enable it by setting a timeout in your POS settings. Disable it by setting the timeout to back 0
  7. POS “Idle Timout Lock” – This is a beta feature – but the idea is you can have the POS Tab “idle lock” after x minutes of inactivity and it will lock to the “Pin Login” screen. Currently it will only activate the idle lock if the POS tab is left open, if you move to another screen the idle lock won’t trigger – we are looking for feedback on this after people use it a little
  8. Our help documents are now discoverable in our “Search all the things” box in the top of the screen, more to come there
So the above changes are not live yet, but will be this weekend if things go as planned.

And here are some of the things we’ve done lately that are already available for use:

  1. We have added a list of issues into the HUD (black bar at the bottom of screen) to alert you of things that need to be addressed usually because something is wrong with an integration you have configured – or we need to get in touch with you.
  2. We added image thumbnails in some places where you see attachments that are normal image formats. (jpg/png)
  3. Major new Zapier features, now with some actions – check out the new toys at
  4. Portal User Invitations – BETA – You are able to send an invitation email to your Customer/Contact so they can setup their password and bookmark the URL to their customer portal. (more coming soon!)
  5. Recurring Invoices “Asset Count for Quantity” option – now you can have a customer’s “Asset Count” of a certain type drive the line item quantity on a recurring invoice. This enables you to charge automatically “Per Computer” or similar.
  6. Custom Widget Flows can now auto-create tickets – find the setting on the “Confirmation” step settings page
  7. Bug Fix: Product Price will not be overridden by the Product Serial Price when purchasing new products from Customers
  8. We are working on EMV support coming very soon to our Vantiv integration!
  9. We added line-item level tax rates, a requirement for Canadian QuickBooks Desktop
  10. Added support for Watchman Monitoring integration with more than 50 groups