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Hey there,

It’s time for a “What’s New?” – We had a super busy summer. Check out what we’ve been up to..

  1. Store Credit – We built a proper Store Credit system, and it’s useable now in Refunds and Customer Purchases. This flow will look like: Create customer, start a purchase, pay to Store Credit, then create an invoice and apply the store credit. In the near future, the new Store Credit will properly sync to accounting systems and will appear like a payment vs a line item in RepairShopr. More on that coming soon!
  2. AutoPrintr – The CloudPrint replacement. Print faster and more reliably with our new auto-printing tool.
  3. Ticket Automations – Automations are basically if/then statements designed to save you time. They allow you to set rules like “If a ticket in the status ‘Waiting for Customer’ hasn’t been updated in 3 days, then send an email to X and change the status.” Head to Admin – Ticket Automations to play with it.
  4. Wiki Upgrades – We upgraded the wiki to full HTML support with an editor. Your pages have been migrated, let us know if anything looks off.We’ve also added the wiki to the tabs selection so it can be front and center!
  5. New Integration! Added Flowroute integration! Now you can use your own DID for inbound SMS. Integrate now in the App Center.
  6. Auto-Create Tickets From Emails – Now you can quickly create a new ticket for an existing customer just by forwarding an email into the Ticket system. If the original email sender is an existing customer, a new ticket will be created and assigned to their customer account when you forward their email into the Ticket system.
  7. Customer Portal – During new customer creation, you can check a box to have a Customer Portal invitation emailed out to them. Good way to get more customers using the portal for communication, payments, etc.
  8. Bug Fix – QuickBooks desktop users should see better results in the address fields when importing their customers from QuickBooks
  9. Appointments Widget – Added customizable Appointment settings for Widget Flows
  10. Recurring Invoices – Updated the Recurring Invoices report with group-by-schedule with subtotals and locations
  11. Communication Log – The communication log will now have ticket comments and some/most of the adhoc emails
  12. New Permission to Ticket Charges – You can now keep certain users from accessing the Ticket Charges feature

– The RepairShopr Team