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Hey RepairShoprs — Happy Monday!

Below we’ve compiled a list of our latest release notes, containing the smaller feature improvements and updates made within the platform, as well as bug fixes.

Our bigger feature releases over the last few months can be found here on our blog. Enjoy!

New improvements:

  1. Reports: We added a “Customer” filter to the Sales Details report.
  2. Reports: We improved the Pending Ticket Charge report so it should more accurately show labor log items now.
  3. Invoices: We added Customer address to CSV exports from Invoices.
  4. Zapier Integration: We updated our Zapier API integration to fix an issue where Ticket addresses were not always recognized for “ship to” and “contact” addresses on Tickets.
  5. Onboarding: We updated the walk-through videos for settings up Customers, Tickets, Invoices, Estimates and Inventory.
  6. Payments: Showing a payment has been updated to our more current styling standards.
  7. PDFs: We improved PDF filenames for Invoices, Tickets, Ticket Receipts, Assets, Estimates and Purchase Orders.
  8. Estimates: Converting an Estimate to an Invoice will now mark the Estimate as approved.
  9. Contacts: We improved the organization of Contacts in search results that appear when using Search All the Things.
  10. Misc UI Update: Darkmode and Fullscreen UI toggles are now faster.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Bug Fix: Tax-free prices on taxable items when manually exempted should be correct now.
  2. Bug Fix: We fixed a bug which would select all Tickets when they were grouped, not just their own group.
  3. Bug fix: Calendar functionality on reports has improved.
  4. Bug Fix: We fixed a currency formatting issue in the France locale.
  5. Bug Fix: If an Asset Custom Field is renamed, the data that field will now no longer be cleared.
  6. Bug Fix: We fixed a bug that was preventing the Status Dashboard page from displaying correctly.
  7. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where long descriptions were not always editable on products linked to WooCommerce.
  8. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where ‘Breached SLA’ count on the dashboard was showing an incorrect number.
  9. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where Estimate items were displaying in a different order in the PDF than on the Estimates page.
  10. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where payment terms were not properly updating as Invoices were reassigned to different Customers with different terms.
  11. Bug Fix: We fixed Recurring Invoice Report formatting issues.
  12. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where longer custom fields could overlap in the Customer Details UI.
  13. Bug Fix: July 3rd, 2020 is now listed as a federal holiday in the US since that is when it is observed.
  14. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where deleted Ticket numbers could not be reused in future Tickets.
  15. Bug Fix: We updated the QuickBooks Online integration to correct cases where QuickBooks Online tax exception errors were blocking imports.
  16. Bug Fix: We fixed a UI layout issue on the Ticket Automation page.
  17. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where Appointments were incorrectly bookable when missing data in required fields.
  18. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where ‘Email+SMS’ communication wasn’t showing up for Ticket Comments if the Customer didn’t have email address and mobile number, but Contacts did.
  19. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where changing the category of a manual line item was not properly updating the category.
  20. Bug Fix: When deleting Ticket charges, the page now updates correctly without requiring a refresh.
  21. Bug Fix: Searching for Recurring Invoices will now show results from Invoices when the list spans multiple pages.

More to come soon!

-The RepairShopr Team