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Hey all,

Happy Wednesday!

Today we’re sharing a list of our latest release notes, containing the smaller feature improvements and updates made within the platform, as well as bug fixes.

Our bigger feature releases over the last few months can be found here on our blog.

  1. MFA: We’ve added a button to allow Admins to reset technician multi-factor authentication in the event of an account lockout. This will turn on MFA for that technician and they will need to reconfigure it using their device to be properly secured.
  2. User Interface (UI): We’ve changed the look of tabs a bit. Hope you like it!
  3. Customers: We added a new column to the Customer List page showing the number of Contacts per Customer.
  4. Reports: We added a control that limits the customers shown on the Referral Report to ones created within the time span selected.
  5. Reports: We added Company Name to the Tech Hour Report CSV.
  6. Big Chain Accounts: We’ve improved Big Chain support for multiple locations in Custom Ticket Workflows.
  7. Big Chain Accounts: We’ve improved Big Chain support for multiple locations in Tickets, Invoices, and Estimates. You can now associate these records with locations based on your location settings in the Admin Center.
  8. Tickets: You can now sort Ticket Issue Types and Ticket Statuses.
  9. Tickets: We now automatically stop theTicket Timerwhen Ticket Status is set to “Resolved.”
  10. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where Contact Name was not properly showing up on Estimate emails.
  11. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue where the Users list was cut off in the drop-down menu of the Tech Hours Report.
  12. Bug Fix: We fixed a page load error on the Estimates edit page when an account has many Tickets.
  13. Bug Fix: We fixed a list overflow bug for long “additional attendee” drop-down menus.
  14. Bug Fix: You can now delete Customer phone numbers even if they are required, as long as there is at least one present on the Customer Detail page.
  15. Bug Fix: System messages sent out by Ticket Automations are now properly marked as system messages in the public Ticket thread.
  16. Bug Fix: We fixed an issue with duplicated Assets in the “Add Assets” drop-down menu on the Ticket create and update pages.
  17. Bug Fix: Invoice history now properly sorts by Invoice date (chronologically).
  18. Bug Fix: Large Asset Audit Reports are now queued for download.
  19. Bug Fix: Long running Ticket Timers became inaccurate and out of sync — we’ve resolved that issue.
  20. Bug Fix: We updated our Xero integration so that Purchase Orders and Bills now use the proper tax types.

Until next time,
The RepairShopr Team