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Hey RepairShoprs,

Here are the latest new features, additions to existing features, and bug fixes we’ve launched since our last Release Update. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more good stuff coming soon.

  1. Net Margin Value Now Available in Estimates Module: You can now quickly see the Net Margin you’ll earn from an Estimate. Your Customers will never see this information from printed Estimates, and the value will only be visible to techs who have permission to view Line Item Costs. Enable by going to Admin > Estimate Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Launched Password Vault: The Password Vault is a free tool now available in the App Center that allows you to store credentials and other secrets in an ultra secure place. Learn more in our Knowledge Base article here.
  3. One-Time-Use (OTU) Inventory Products Now Available: Whether you’ve accumulated “one-time-use” products over time or you’re simply buying devices or accessories that will not be purchased again, products marked as OTU are disabled automatically once sold so your Inventory list stays clean.Learn more about the ins and outs of OTU via our Feature Friday video.
  4. Search All The Things Improvements: UPC’s are no longer case sensitive, Part numbers with hyphens in the UPC field now work, and partial serials for Inventory can now be searched (but you have to start from the beginning of the serial).
  5. New Banner Message When Downloading Reports: We’ve added a new banner message to notify you when a Report is too large to be displayed and needs to be exported to a CSV file.
  6. RepairShopr + Kabuto Integration: Kabuto Requests can now become Tickets instead of Leads inside of RepairShopr. To enable, go to your Kabuto account > Settings > Integrations > RepairShopr section > Checkmark “Convert Requests directly to Tickets” option.
  7. Reporting: The Inventory Evaluation Report now has a Product Description field.
  8. Recur Integration Bug Fix: Policies that have been deleted from Kabuto are no longer available in RepairShopr.
  9. Draft Estimates Bug Fix: Draft Estimates are now properly hidden from View All Estimates page in Customer Portal.
  10. Bug Fix: No longer linking to expired customer barcode labels.
  11. Bug Fix: Contract Pricing will now be applied properly to all Recurring Invoices.
  12. Bug Fix: Scrolling RepairShopr in a browser on a mobile device now works as expected.
  13. Bug Fix: Bundles in the Ticket Charges popup are now able to be re-added to an Invoice if the original Invoice gets deleted.
Let us know what you think!
– The RepairShopr Team