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Hey there,

We’ve been quiet so far this year on the release post front – but it didn’t mean weren’t releasing things the last few months:

  1. Ticket Dashboard: The ticket dashboard now allows you to hide a status from the screen.
  2. Scheduled Reports: People have been asking for this for a while. We’ve hooked up scheduling for a few of the reports – like Inventory Aging, Stockout, Refunds, and Employee Sales –  with more features planned shortly. To create a Scheduled Report, go to Reports and click Scheduled Reports in the top-right corner.

  3. Accounting: Tons of accounting integration updates to support more tax scenarios, more complex payment situations, other locales, and lots more.
  4. Data Import: We added an AutoTask and Connectwise data importer due to the sheer volume of requests our support team was fielding for those
  5. Inventory: Stock Takes got a few rounds of updates. We show serials that are expected and missing to make research easier, added some more data to the reconcile screens, etc.
  6. Inventory: Instances got a notes field so you can write down things about a specific instance in inventory like, “Was returned for X but seems good to us.”
  7. Inventory: You can now add new returns to an existing Return instead of making lots of new ones and only being able to merge them.
  8. Inventory: Stock Takes now have a search/filter!

  9. Purchase Orders: We added a couple more fields to the email and csv export.
  10. We did a “bug bash” month in January where we found some nagging old issues that were occurring like 1 in a million page views (still, this is like daily) and we fixed about 100 of these over the course of the month – yay!
  11. POS: Improved PopDrawer for AutoPrintr
  12. Ticket Automations: these got a couple new matchers and performance improvements
  13. New Reports: Discounts and Inventory Aging have been added
  14. Reports: We made it possible for you to view the supporting data in the Sales Tax Report.
  15. Invoices: Improved workflow for applying multiple instances of store credit and over-payments to invoices
  16. Integration Update: Improved the speed and accuracy of the PBX integration. Read more about it here.
  17. Integration Update: Updated QuickBooks Online authorization renewal. Most users will require one more manual reconnect when their current authorization expires, but afterwards that renewal will be automatic.
  18. Misc: Added protections against Excel corrupting product serial numbers in CSV export/import.
  19. Misc: Now you can easily do a stock check from the Inventory page
  20. Search: One of the huge things we’ve been working on is moving our search database to a new version. This will give us many benefits in performance, stability, and the ability to start improving search some more. It has caused a couple of outages – and we are ~5 weeks into this project now – but it should be live in the next few weeks. We’ll do a Feature Friday on some of the changes.
  21. Bug fix: We had an issue where you couldn’t email between 2 RepairShopr accounts that has been fixed.
  22. Bug fix: The category tool can sometimes get in a bad state and we added a tool to fix that.
  23. Bug fix: Leads weren’t coming over from Kabuto properly – fixed that.
  24. Bug fix: Assets on computers are known to have “bad data” like “123456789” and we made a tool to handle those properly so your assets will come in from RMM tools without duplication issues

That’s all for now! 🙂

– The RepairShopr team