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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. New Feature: Lock Screen. Now when switching users, the screen is locked and a valid pin must be entered (or you can refresh to land on the full login screen) to continue
  2. Setting for POS – default tab 
  3. Invoice Bulk Edit – print/email
  4. POS – Quick Add Customer
  5. POS – Print receipts for a day from daily payments and z-report
  6. POS Adjustments – write stuff here Troy
  7. Pop Drawer Button added behind a new permission
  8. Update QuickBooks Online integration to better automatically match RepairShopr Customers to QuickBooks Customers, especially outside United States
  9. Products – you can copy now to more quickly create similar products
  10. Improve QuickBooks Online error message when there are name conflicts between customer/vendor/employee/supplier/member/etc
  11. We added UPC column to the Purchase Order items table in the default Purchase Order PDF template, your templates are updated.
  12. In case you have customized Purchase Order Template, e.g. translated table headers, you need to add UPC column to your Purchase Order items table header between Description and Cost columns.
  13. Product Sales Report is now available in .csv and .pdf formats
  14. Big Chain product export CSV file has additional fields at the end of the line in -serial_numbers format. You can use it to add serial numbers. Currently there is no ability to delete serial numbers using CSV import.
  15. Intake Forms will now be attached like file uploads so they persist in a cleaner way in case you want versions/etc
  16. Now in Canada(French) locale phone number like in Canada locale XXX-XXX-XXXX
  17. We added Ecuador locale
  18. Reworks have been improved to swap inventory instances much more easily
  19. Assets can now have contacts!
  20. Bug Fix: Dates for late fees will now be updated when due date is updated
  21. We added a location column to the list of product serials
  22. Now you can create part orders directly from a Refurb!
  23. Bug Fix: Emailed appointments will be shared in UTC incase an attendee does not share the shop’s time zone.