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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. New Notification Rule trigger (And we added a new rule to all accounts – so be sure to go adjust it!)
    Now the “BCC” of estimates/invoices will no longer happen – and you can have a notification rule to alert you of any invoice/estimate that was emailed instead – this takes care of those that wanted to disable this entirely. Head to Admin -> Notification Center and you’ll see the new rule
  2. New Feature: Refurbs! Currently in Beta, from a customer-purchased item you may go directly to refurbishing it. Track the time and parts you used to fix the item for resale, and watch the cost get updated for you! No more guessing how much you spent getting something ready to put on your shelf.
  3. We added customer searches to Daily Payments, Recurring Invoices, Product Sales, Sales Summary, Tickets Created reports
  4. Product-Vendor SKUs can be imported via csv
  5. We made some major improvements to the Vendor module to make them a little more feature-rich – in the spirit of being a CRM
  6. The communication log page now allows you to download csv fils of the data, rather than making you hunt through pages of data.
  7. Now PBX Caller ID Lookup works for vendors and vendors contracts, you can also log calls on the vendor page
  8. We added a Ticket Creator concept, and a corresponding ticket tag {{ticket_creator}}
  9. Ticket Dashboard can now tell you when tickets are nearing their due dates! Check your dashboard settings.
  10. Reworked SLA warning and breach implementation to be more reliable
  11. Customer CSV Importer now handles ‘very large’ files and gives incremental feedback at /reports/import_results
  12. Changing your ‘Ticket Grouping’ settings will now keep the search you were using
  13. Updated QuickBooks Online taxes integration so that inactive TaxCodes and legacy pseudo-tax-codes TAX/NON/CustomTaxRate are not selectable.