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Hey there,

We are back from a big conference and have been taking a couple weeks for lot of maintenance tasks. There has been some some feature work recently along with a lot of our time on foundational work for another set of large feature work. 

NOTE for QuickBooks Online users: We are releasing updates to protect against unintentional invalid settings. This might mean that a partially working account will get a red notification message because some settings still need to be adjusted to fit the rules. 

Here are the recent changes:

  1. Purchase Orders just got a new PDF and Email template. There is also a new template tag in them called {{purchase_order_line_item_rows_no_price}} that will leave out the expected price.
  2. Field Jobs tab is now called Calendar since it shows all appointments, not just field jobs.
  3. Now you can add a custom field type “Popup” to a customer, putting a message there will popup once per session when viewing a customer, ticket or invoice.

  4. Now your custom widget flows can use ticket custom fields

  5. Improved Quickbooks Integration settings with better feedback on the Settings page for invalid configurations.
  6. POS Registers can now be set not to need closing and re-opening daily. (see settings page)
  7. Clickatell’s two-way messaging numbers will now work correctly if you turn on the new setting to tell us it’s a two-way number
  8. Fixed attachments on inbound emails that auto-create tickets
  9. Optimized accepting PO serials, increasing then number that can be processed in one request from ~ 40 to ~ 200
  10. Bug Fix: Invoices could get duplicate numbers while Scheduled Invoices were being processed. Automatically numbered Invoices, Estimates, and Tickets should no longer collide (and are unlikely to collide with manually overwritten numbers)
  11. Bug Fix: Fixed localization on ticket appointment creation
  12. Bug Fix: Removing the Payment from a Refund Invoice now allows the Refund Invoice to be deleted
  13. Small screens now have the delete phone button on the right for all phone sections, new or not
  14. New MaxFocus imports will not match to disabled customers (existing ones are not currently cleared out though)
  15. We added a checkbox to the Self Service check-in page to state that your customer agreed to your terms and conditions for better legal protection
  16. Bug Fix: We no longer sync Invoices to Xero when the Invoice total is zero (0) until the invoice is marked Paid in RepairShopr. This protects the invoice from being automatically PAID in Xero which would prevent us from syncing later updates (like assigned serials or additional line items).
  17. We now let Admins of chains change location on Customer Purchases
  18. Bug Fix: Customer Intake Form was required in the Device Checkin Flow for all accounts. Now that page is skipped if the “Enable Intake Form” Tickets Setting is disabled
  19. We improved performance on the Stockout Report for multi-locations
  20. We added validation to Employee IP Whitelist to only allow valid IPv4 or IPv6 values
  21. Blank extra pages on template PDFs should be less common, especially on fresh templates (you can revert your templates to get the new content)
  22. Now you can check a box on the new ticket form to mark a ticket as pre-diagnosed
  23. Bug Fix: Sales Tax Report can now be grouped by ‘None’ for period and taxes. Also fixed potential period group overlap
  24. The MaxFocus ‘Wait for sync’ step will now tell you if you had an error, by saying something went wrong
  25. Bug Fix: Administration ‘Payments Last Month’ will now match ‘Daily Payments Report’ for last month (caching will delay visibility)
  26. Bug Fix: Sales Tax report group by ‘day’ reflects the correct values now
  27. Bug Fix: Tech Hours report now has a calendar selector like the other reports
  28. Now you can see {{customer_unapplied_credits}} in the list of available tags
  29. You can see the tooltip when you hover on {{customer_credit}} and {{customer_unapplied_credits}} tags to help to select the correct tag
  30. Bug Fix: Returning a bundle now acts as a single line item being returned and is displayed as such