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Hey there,

It’s been a big couple weeks in terms of releases! Here is what’s new in RepairShopr recently:

  1. Notification Rules got some improvements:

    A) Added Webhooks! Now you developers can poll less frequently and live push notifications to your app when things change. This is live for all beta testers and it lives on the notification rules.

    B) Two additional rules have been added, now you can get a notification for upcoming due reminders and appointments.

  2. We updated the Appointment Bookings widget so that long appointments cover every appropriate slot. This also helps when an appointment start/end time does not line up exactly with intended slots.
  3. E-Signatures are now available for customer purchases.

  4. You can now add a customizable Terms and Conditions section to the Customer Purchase PDF.
  5. New Inventory Category system is out of beta! Now with nested categories!

  6. Add tabs on the Inventory page for top level categories (with opt-in from settings page)

  7. Widget Flow improvements – we added a few new types of steps and fixed a few bugs. Lots of shops are using these now and they seem to be working well!

    New Step: Issue Detail – You can now ask them to select the Issue Type, or fill in the Ticket Subject or Description. With settings so you can control which fields show up.

    New Step: Location – For Big Chain accounts, now you can have a step to ask which store location they want.

  8. Bug Fix: The Inventory Export to CSV button was ignoring the category filter.
  9. FIFO is Live for Inventory – This is a back end change, but it is a massive modernization step for our inventory system. Now we have a fully serialized inventory system that will make it much more powerful and robust – and less prone to calculation errors.

    This particular change is just for shops using “maintain stock” on products but not tracking serial numbers. It just means when you use purchase orders to replenish your inventory, we’ll do cost adjustments for you – and as you sell things, the oldest instance in your inventory automatically comes out first.

    This is truly just a back end technology feature for now, but we hope to have lots of big inventory features coming in the next month or two that show off some of what this enables us to do.

  10. Update Payments Report to show applied Invoice Number when Payment is applied to multiple Invoices