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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. Categories V2! Now you can have nested categories, and a category filter on the inventory page – more coming! This is the first step towards a drill down on the POS page. 🙂
  2. Customizable Website Widgets! This was a major enhancement to the widgets, you can now build a custom flow with any of the available steps, in any order you want – and there are a lot more settings available to you.
  3. Customizable Navigation tabs – now in some of the settings pages you can turn on additional main nav links like Assets, Contracts, Customer Purchases, Purchase Orders, and Reports!
  4. Bulk Logistics Transfers for Big Chain accounts. Now you can move multiple items in a single batched transfer.
  5. We added a PDF template for the Purchase Order that you can customize
  6. Tons of new consistent images for all your device widgets (thanks iFixit!)
  7. API update: Allow api/tickets to find by ticket number, eg /api/v1/tickets.json?number=42 (Only exact matches)
  8. A handful of great tweaks and improvements in product sales, daily sales, stock out reports, performance, etc.
  9. We’re also doing some clean up and consolidation on our reports. A few reports will be deprecated so we’re giving everyone a heads up message on those report pages. You can write us if you have questions or concerns.
  10. Now a product warranty will be added to an invoice when it is created from an estimate.
  11. We fixed mobile field jobs time zone issues.
  12. We added the Prepay Hours balance to show in the Customer Portal for your portal users.
  13. We linked the settings for Deposits and Prepay Hours on the Inventory settings page (where Categories are managed).