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Stay tuned for news and updates

Hey there,

We pushed some notable updates and wanted to let everyone know:

  1. We added a statement template that you can edit like the others, please go check it out because it will be used on all statements starting immediately

  2. Xero Settings now includes an option to sync products to Xero
  3. Added ‘bulk paste’ feature to the ‘Manage serials’ modal. Now when you fill product serials in Purchase order, you can just copy-paste them from a spreadsheet etc.
  4. Added Invoices and Estimates to the search index, now you can also search as few as 1 character on some of the searches so it works more like a typical auto-complete, try it out!
  5. Bug fix: now product category is shown correctly in invoice converted from estimate
  6. We added the ability for your customers to pay multiple invoices from the self-service customer portal. They can also pick and choose how to apply a payment toward multiple invoices similarly to how you are able to take a payment toward multiple invoices in the web app itself.

  7. For Invoices we now have tags to support invoices showing a “balance forward” area, and you can have the total at the bottom of the invoice be the amount of ALL unpaid invoices instead of just the current invoice. Click here to see the KB page on the html editing process to add this section. Due to the nature of the html templates

  8. Performance updates for appointments and admin summary, among others