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Hey there,

We’ve had lots of new integrations and feature additions in the last month. Here are some of the highlights!

  1. We have upgraded our template editor! This is a major improvement to one a big customer-facing piece of your business. We completely updated the template layouts and added a powerful WYSIWYG editor to give you more customization opportunities.
  2. Added a beta MailChimp integration to keep your MailChimp list up to date with your customer database
  3. Adding Gillware portal access to the App Center. RepairShopr users get 20% commission on successful cases referred to Gillware.
  4. Approve invoiced estimates button in Estimates settings
  5. When creating an invoice from an estimate, the tech assigned to each line item will be copied over to the line items in the new invoice.
  6. Starting a dashboard where you will be able to see issues with integrations and errors that we had not been surfacing (Account Issues)
  7. Added more stats to the customer detail page
  8. Added Recurring Invoices button to Invoices page and added permissions for Techs to add, edit and delete Recurring Invoices.

We’ve also done a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes — here are some of the high points:

  1. Field job tech permission so they can only see their own appointments either by creating, being an attendee, or they were the ticket tech that’s associated with the appointment
  2. Bugfix: Sorting fixed on scheduled tickets page
  3. Updated Invoices Quick Filter (colored widget) to use balance_due instead of total
  4. Tracking links in the Items page now open in a new tab
  5. When exporting Products, the QuickBooks Item ID will export like we export the Xero Product ID
  6. Invoice reminders will now only send for invoices that have a total greater than 0
  7. Fix issue with duplicating invoices with bundles. Bundles now copy line items.
  8. Foreign characters now show in lead emails
  9. Estimates won’t copy the last emailed date when cloning
  10. Bundle can be added to the invoice by UPC now
  11. When you import products from CSV file, maintain_stock will be set to ‘true’ if quantity is present
  12. Changed Line Items Dump report: added serial_numbers for serialized items.
  13. Can now export the filtered inventory search results via CSV
  14. The Daily Invoice report now orders each date by Invoice number
  15. Fixed bug and can now filter the Tickets Created Report by Locations for Big Chain accounts
  16. Added Update type to ticket comment types
  17. We added a new security group for Techs can delete their own Ticket Comments
  18. Marking a lead as won will move the lead to the completed view
  19. We added permissions to delete Leads for techs
  20. We added navigational buttons to the top of the appointments page to make browsing appointments easier
  21. We added a permission for manually adding line items for Invoices and Estimates
  22. Fixed bug in settings pages that prevented editing in mobile
  23. Reports now show dates localized to your current country
  24. We added the Uruguay locale
  25. Italy locale now fully supported
As always, really appreciate your support and feedback!
The RepairShopr Team