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Stay tuned for news and updates

Hey there,

Remember that you can always get these updates later from our blog (blog posts are available a few hours after we notify in app).

We’ve shipped a ton of updates in the last couple weeks. Here’s a summary of what’s new!

  1. New Search! You will have the ability to search custom fields, assets, and most other data that we previously not available

  2. Transfer lead correspondence to newly created ticket
  3. Created permissions for Reports for techs


  4. Fullscreen mode is available in the user menu (top right)

  5. Techs can “advanced edit” line items on invoices if they have access
  6. Added delete button to leads convert page

  7. Techs can view or edit vendors if they have permission

  8. Implement {{estimate_disclaimer_template}} tag
  9. Added category filter to Product Sales report

  10. Techs can view or edit vendor groups
  11. CSV Export now exports get_sms field
  12. Fixes a bug in the product form that was rejecting updates
  13. Product serials selector improvement
  14. Asset show ticket and invoice links

  15. Update tables for mobile estimate/invoice change history
  16. Multi-Location accounts can now group tickets by location

  17. Fix issue with duplicating invoices with bundles. Bundles now copy line items.
  18. Update handling of ticket appointment emails when customer or ticket has multiple appointments.
  19. Estimate bundle now removes or add to stock when setting is enabled
  20. User cannot modify serial numbers for serialized item in paid invoice
  21. New cancel handling on invoice refund
  22. Added “Referred By” to View Customer Detail screen

  23. Can now see PDF receipt for your partial payments
  24. Portal user password confirmation now verifies password
  25. POS page mobile updates

More updates to come soon as well!

– RepairShopr Team