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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. Added an Import Result dashboard to help with visibility into what happened with imports
  2. Improved notification center, now handles chain accounts better – notifications only go to the relevant location/users 
  3. new permissions – marketr tab, others
  4. labels are getting improved in shape and size, and better fonts to handle non-US characters
  5. customer detail page got some new goodies, open balance vs just total invoiced
  6. Added CSV option for Employee commission report
  7. Added notifications for logistics + big chain
  8. A few new reports, Tech Hours, payments by Invoice (vs just payments), Reconciliation
  9. Invoice “shopping cart” area now has ticket number and status, just for referencing
  10. Improvements to how we handle partial/split payments – and syncing them to QB- more coming soon!
  11. Numerous stability improvements