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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. Added a Wiki (not linked yet, just visit /wiki)
  2. Improving recurring tickets
  3. New Invoice search 

    Now you can filter on all the important fields for an invoice, paid, synced, etc

  4. Improving QuickBooks Online for Canada
  5. Adding multiple tax rate support for QuickBooks Desktop integration
  6. Numerous bug fixes
  7. Starting to improve contracts, now has two way email

    Check out the new beta contracts module, with some CRM features!

  8. Add PDF links to invoices and receipts

    Now the PDF will generate on the fly instead of in the background, so you’ll always see the latest version – we also added a PDF option for the receipt in case cloud print is down

  9. Add Dashboard to Contracts, with likelihood, and email draft auto-save
  10. Added Refunds for beta testers