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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. New Communication Log notes feature
  2. Log

  3. Numerous customer reported issue fixes
  4. Added Audit Log on customers – should work for block hours and credits
  5. Improve Quickbooks Online customer importing – now it tries a lot harder to match and not make extra customers
  6. Added Products to the API (Inventory, updates/deletes)
  7. Purchase Orders system now prompts you to create a PO if you add the last of an item to an invoice
  8. Po1

  9. Now we track the user at the invoice line item level, and you can adjust it- sales reports are moving to be based on this for more fine grain control in performance reporting and commission reporting
  10. Tech1

  11. We now map “Locations” in RS to “Classes” in Quickbooks for Quickbooks Online users
  12. We fixed up some UI issues in the portal login screens
  13. We are highlighting invoice line items red if they are serialized and don’t have a serial number on them
  14. Toggl now goes back 2 months when importing logs, in case you forget to do it for a while
  15. New commissions report, allows you to set a commission amount at run time
  16. Commission

  17. Added Cost and Net to employee sales report