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Hey there,

Here are some of the recent things (last couple weeks)

  1. Field job colors can be customized per user now
  2. Add report attachments to d7 integration – they all attach now
  3. Estimate improvements – added bundles and fixed tax inclusive pricing
  4. Improve handle of closing tickets when you take payment – now supports multiple open tickets and partial payments
  5. Serialized Inventory

  6. Multiple Tax Rates
  7. Allow stored cards on payment form in, stripe coming soon!
  8. New Technician Performance Report
  9. Total rewrite of recurring billing system
  10. Add multiple tax rates to Quickbooks Online sync
  11. Customer Icons based on custom fields (VIP icon for example)

    Customer Icon

  12. Fix barcode scanning and other misc bugs
  13. Added Mexico support for SMS
  14. New technician report to see performance