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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. Added the Beta of the Notification Center

    Notification Center

  2. Major improvements to Xero Accounting integration, get starting wizard, mapping payment methods to clearing accounts, more account mapping options

    Xero Wizard

  3. New PDF display system so you can access PDFs for all the print types on Tickets

    Pdf Links Ticket

  4. Now you can clone estimates, and clone to another customer

    Estimate Clone

  5. Major updates to how the site works from a phone, in desktop mode

    Ticket Responsive

  6. Fixed duplicate reminders bug
  7. Fixed up line item ordering for estimates and estimate -> invoice conversion
  8. Improvements to outbound email template for deliverability
  9. Duration sliders now work from touch devices for field jobs page and others
  10. POS Registers can now specify a receipt printer per station
  11. Tech replies are now captured as hidden comments, more to come soon!
  12. Added some contrast in main navigation
  13. Fixed it so you can sell Prepaid Hours (block hours) from Ticket charges
  14. Major enhancements to autocomplete and product search engine
  15. Added a field to show when a lead was created, that should have always been there 🙂
  16. Improved the website widgets a bunch to be more responsive for smaller sites
  17. We show the calculate change on invoices now, and also show it on the confirmation page so you can still reference it after you hit submit
  18. Some appointments were not emailing, that is resolved
  19. Allow printer quantities to be much higher
  20. Now on an invoice with multiple payments, you can specify which receipt you want to re-print from the invoice page
  21. Many other small bugs got some patches, thanks to all that submitted them