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Hey there,

Here is what’s new recently from us:

  1. Added unbilled charges to recurring invoices
  2. Adjust invoice template to fit in windowed envelope
  3. Improved Ticket Timers

    Ticket Timer 2

  4. Add Ticket Label print type

    Ticketlabel 2

  5. Add customer name to parts page, add cost to manual pos form, add duration to field job page, show tags for marketr, add physical location to inventory, add autocomplete to inventory bundles, make mobile create invoice easier, add logo to ticket label
  6. Performance improvements
  7. Add more Clickatell error handling
  8. Improve customer importer for non USA character sets
  9. Change Profit and Loss from Accrual to Cash Basis to align with other reporting
  10. Payments upgrade
  11. New Inventory Changes report
  12. Recurring Tickets (beta)
  13. Add Appointments (beta)