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Stay tuned for news and updates

Hey all!!

It’s been a while since we updated the blog, we have spent most of the last 60 days doing less glamorous work.

  • Fixing label bugs
  • Fixing formatting issues
  • Catching more types of errors and displaying pretty errors
  • Adding back-end tools for us, reporting, analytics, etc (have to do it some time)

We have taken about 30% of our time for new features, here is a short list of whats new;

  • QuickBooks Online Integration (still beta, should be approved any day now)
  • Purchase Order system – track PO’s, automatically add line items, auto replenish, all the goodies
  • Version history for invoices at bottom of invoice detail page – admin only
  • Added payment record to invoice detail screen
  • New Reports, Inventory stockout/valuation
  • Fixed daily sales report – now a table
  • Added lunch support to the timeclock
  • Ability to change ‘next invoice number’ in settings
  • Added some shortcut keys, like ‘s’ for search – descriptions coming soon
  • Add trial support, so you can sign up for a paid package and get all the features for a month
  • Enabled Cloud Print – no longer in beta
  • Disable/Re-Enable of customers for admins

What we hope to accomplish in the next few weeks; 

  1. QuickBooks online out of beta
  2. Finalize PO system
  3. A list of small interface tweaks, and minor modifications
  4. Making you all very very happy!!

have fun everyone..