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Hey there – the most under-utilized feature in the app is the automated email marketing tool.  If you give yourself one thing to go play with, it should be this.

The tool is setup for you to create an email template, then select filters for customer criteria and the system automatically sends the template email to those users.

Here is an example; All customers that are over 2 years old, have brought in 3 computers, have spent over $500, and have a warranty for a “laptop” expiring in the next 60 days

You can now not only send this after N number of days after a ticket was resolved, but you can just trigger this to update the list and run every day.  It will never send the same email to the same customer more than one time, so every time a new customer matches this search – the auto email will be triggered.

Think about the possibilities for a second;

  • Send your VIP customers special coupons to send their friends
  • Remind people before their warranty expires to come in for service, great opportunity to upsell
  • Schedule reminders based on antivirus license expirations to get those renewal sales
  • Send a warm follow up asking how things are going 3 months and 12 months after a visit
  • Automatically send a coupon for Y after a customer spends X dollars
  • Pre-Schedule your holiday emails for the year in advance

This module alone could be a huge application, and just setting up one basic auto email for a 90 day follow up is guaranteed to pay for the cost of your RepairShopr subscription.