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Stay tuned for news and updates

We had a really fun time bringing you some major updates.

And here is the full Q2 recap list:

  1. Serialized inventory items
  2. Multiple Tax Rates
  3. Use stored cards on payment form
  4. Made site fully responsive to work on mobile devices
  5. Added cloning of estimates
  6. Manual time log entries for tracking time spent on ticketsTicket Timer Manual Time Entry
  7. Added printer orientation settings to Cloud Print
  8. Added Notification Center – with lots of new types of notificationsNotification Center
  9. Opened up a Public HTTP REST API
  10. Added Xero accounting support
  11. Migrated all Quickbooks Online users to the new V3 API
  12. d7 now attaches ALL reports instead of just the Info Report
  13. Added 10 new country locales and currencies
  14. Margin calculator on product screen
  15. Improved Estimates to have bundles, and the rest of the invoice features
  16. New status site –
  17. Allow ticket comments to not email by default
  18. Improved google calendar importing, allows full day appointments now
  19. Improved the ticket receipts, more information
  20. Made canned messages work on private comments
  21. Add multiple CC emails to Tickets, so multiple non-customers can get updates
  22. Ability to specify which printer a register uses, for multiple register per store support
  23. New and improved outbound email template, leaner and better deliverability
  24. Add re-ordering to many lists, invoices/estimates/custom fields/etc
  25. Fixed up logistics to parity with parts orders
  26. New Z-Report (end of day report) for cash registers
  27. Added RMA’s to PO, Parts, Invoice, etc
  28. Added Customer Purchases to buy from the public
  29. Added a widget for Wholesale Gadget PartsWholesale Gadget Parts Widget
  30. Major improvements to search and autocomplete
  31. Made it so mobile shops can use the device widget flow to check in a new ticket
  32. Added push notifications with Pushover
  33. Added new beta reports, complete re-write of the reports system
  34. Improved customer portal to work when you have a large number of jobs/invoices
  35. Massive performance improvements with utilizing a global CDN
  36. Added Teamviewer integrationTv4
  37. Plus tons and tons of tweaks, improvements, updates, and bug fixes!