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We had some fun..

Desiree was talked into helping at the registration counter by @jason himself – she had a lot of fun with it 🙂

She made some good friends there too – we look forward to hosting some great people up this way soon

Then was the hackathon – our team entered and decided we didn’t have a good enough idea to really go for something fun, so we decided to build a really nice Point of Sale app in ember.js

Here is the finished product;

This picture is us with the winning team, WizzyWig – they won 100k in cash investment to go build their app!

Winners Hackathon With Repairshopr

Right to Left, Jonah, Troy, Kit Mueller, Wizzywig guy, Dave, other wizzywig guys

Then we met lots of really cool people every day at the conference.  Every day a handful of great CEO’s and Entrepreneurs would walk up and say hi, talk about our product, and share some great insight.

Let’s drop some names, we had David Cohen stop by (I yelled “hey Brad!”) woops.. Adeo Ressi of Founders Institute said “You have my vote” to get up on stage – I think he ran out of votes though.. Jonah talked for a bit with Cyan of zivity, Desiree & Jonah found Thomas Korte of angel pad and had a quick chat, all in all – we can’t wait to follow up with everyone and should have some exciting times ahead of us.