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Hey RepairShoprs! We’ve got a special release for you that we’ve been quietly working on that makes an existing integration even more powerful.

We’re excited to introduce the RepairShopr + Kabuto “Magic Link” integration

Lately, lots of RepairShoprs have been saying how much they like the Kabuto and TechSuite products from RepairTech. With that in mind, we worked with the RepairTech team to build even cooler functionality between RepairShopr and Kabuto.

This integration update maps your Kabuto Customers and Alerts into RepairShopr Customers and Tickets, allowing you to get more done in fewer steps.

With this integration, you’ll be able to easily install Kabuto on Customer Devices, map them into RepairShopr, and watch the dollars come in every month!

What the Integration Does

  • Map Kabuto “Customers” to RepairShopr “Customers”
  • Feeds error reports into RepairShopr for one-click Ticket creation
  • Automatically creates Assets from monitored computers
  • Continually updates assets with machine names, serial numbers, etc
  • Generates uniques links for each Customer to install Kabuto, which we’re calling the “Magic Link”

The “Magic Link”

Now, you might be thinking: ‘Mapping Kabuto Customers to RepairShopr will save a lot of time, but I need to get more customers using Kabuto!’ Don’t worry! We built a special feature of the integration to include a one click method of sending your customers a Kabuto Installer URL, which we’re calling the Kabuto “Magic Link.”

That means that you can send all of your customers a unique Kabuto Installer link with just a couple clicks in RepairShopr.

We did this using RepairShopr’s Marketr module. When you’re ready to invite your customers to install Kabuto, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Marketr in your RepairShopr account.
  2. Click “Enable” under the Kabuto “Magic Link” email template.

This will trigger a one-time email to each of your existing customers. The email will include a unique Kabuto Installer link that is automatically generated for each Customer, so you’re able to track who installed the program from within your Kabuto dashboard.

If the Customer exists in RepairShopr but not Kabuto, they can click the link and that Customer will be instantly (and magically) imported from RepairShopr into Kabuto. The Customer will be under the correct Customer with all their info attached and also mapped to the right Customer in RepairShopr.

If the Customer already exists in Kabuto, they’ll be matched up properly and get the right Kabuto “Magic Link” as expected.

This feature will help you jump-start monthly managed service contracts so you can start generating (more) recurring revenue.

Learn More and See a Full Setup WalkthroughThis integration requires a few steps to implement, so we’ve made a guide for you that walks you through the whole process. Click here for the Setup Guide.

For tips on how to re-sell Kabuto so you can generate recurring monthly revenue, click here.

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– The RepairShopr team