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It’s hard to argue with the idea that a real relationship with your clients is the best way to get referral business from them.

It’s also clear that referrals are the best clients; most trusting, they give you the benefit of the doubt, they come in wanting to have a good experience like their friend told them they should expect from you.

What we noticed with years of trying different marketing campaigns was one simple fact;

Every time I would talk with a past client that was happy – it seemed they had a request or question for me

We realized by sending emails to all our clients in a very personal way – we would get huge responses.

Of course many responses were in the form of;

“You know, since that repair such and such hasn’t worked quite right”


“You removed that virus, but I got another one just a few weeks later!”

These are not complaints, these are hot leads!
 It’s impossible to buy this type of engagement with strangers, you should want this or any type of engagement.

By using the built in templates to craft some emails that do not appear to be automated newsletters or “Deals” or anything else that looks like spam, you will get an extremely high rate of open – and even a high rate of replies!

We have evidence that about 5-10% of these emails will actually get a reply back to you.  Many times it’s just a “thanks, everything is going great!” – other times it’s a “Hey, the printer stopped working – can you help with that?”

Whatever they say – you want to listen and respond.  This is a great opportunity for you to find out if a customer left slightly less-than-happy and offer them a solution that will truly make them a happy customer.  Happy customers will give happy referrals and grow your business.