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What a fun month we had working on the accounting integrations!

As you may know, accounting systems are large and complex. RepairShopr is also large and complex. Getting the two to sync well, with a good level of granularity is a lot of work – and a lot of things can go wrong.

Just look at the feature matrix to see what I’m talking about, there are a lot of things to consider.

So, periodically we get reports of something not working, or something someone wants us to add, and recently we made a large effort to work on a big chunk of these things to improve the experience for yall happy QuickBooks users.


  • Some people were getting a large list of errors on their QuickBooks settings page, we cleared that up
  • We used to not sync $0 invoices to QuickBooks, which didn’t help for valid discounted invoices when you wanted to track cost of goods sold – we have those working now!
  • QuickBooks payment methods were mapped a little backwards, we got those straightened out so you can utilize them all
  • Purchase Orders now sync to QuickBooks Online! (improvements coming soon too)
  • Cleared up a handful of QuickBooks errors that had been increasing in frequency lately
  • QuickBooks Online had been “off by a penny” in some rare tax situations, Intuit told us we can add a “penny adjustment” to the invoice to satisfy those, so we added that
  • QuickBooks Desktop users – when you delete an invoice it will now VOID in QuickBooks, those had to be manually dealt with before
  • QuickBooks Desktop Canada – we’ve started this support, should be ready for beta testers in a couple more days