RepairShopr Blog

Stay tuned for news and updates

There’s a lot new in RepairShopr!  We just sent out a newsletter with the biggest updates — including the release of Quickbooks Desktop integration in RepairShopr.

Here’s a list of some of the smaller improvements you’ll be seeing everywhere:

  • New template for comment emails creates beautiful messages to your customers (with social links!)
  • Stopwatch beta release — a ticket timer to time your jobs!
  • New dashboard works on any size monitor – looks great!
  • We added recurring billing to One-Man-Army package
  • Price cost-averaging on inventory import
  • New ticket has a field job section to save you a step
  • Ticket comments sped up, page now responds instantly
  • Google calendar now deletes the item and moves it properly when you reschedule in RepairShopr
  • Purchase Order module is multi-location aware
  • Javascript embed code for the kiosk mode/new ticket forms
  • Map payment methods accurately in Quickbooks integration
  • Employee sales report can now filter on category
  • Fix negative prices in inventory, for discount items
  • POS speed improvement, now responds instantly
  • Print quantity works on more print jobs now 🙂
  • Make customers/tickets/invoices more responsive for a mobile device on desktop version