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Happy Friday!

For those of you that do computer work (especially Mac Consultants) if you haven’t heard of Watchman Monitoring – you really should check them out. You can install a software agent on the computers you work on that provide in depth monitoring about system health – and even third party app monitoring (like, have the backups run).

With Watchman Monitoring:

  • You get a contact menu for your customers to reach out to you
  • Alerts will come in when machines have issues like; low disk space, failed backups, expired AV, etc
  • Easily run reports like; Show me all computers that have upgradeable RAM
  • Monitor warranty expirations, tons more

Troy was with the founder of Watchman Monitoring (Allen) at the MacTech Pro Seattle conference announcing the integration to everyone there:

Have a good weekend!

-RepairShopr Team