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Hey RepairShoprs!

Thanks to the great suggestion from one of our favorite RepairShopr users (August at Smart Phone Repair!), we have a new exciting partner integration to announce with our friends at eTech Parts..

Looking to streamline parts ordering and check-ins? With our eTech Parts integration, you can now quickly and easily:

* Add out-of-stock parts to your RepairShopr Purchase Order

* Automatically add parts to your shopping cart, on with a click of a button

* When your order arrives, check in items to update your RepairShopr inventory

The integration is even smart about updates you make to your cart. It will update your RepairShopr Purchase Order with prompts for additions and changes! You can find the new integration in the RepairShopr App Center.

eTech has been working with small and large businesses for nearly a decade, providing high quality products and training sessions. They’ve been a great supporter of the cell phone repair community and a leading voice in the industry. Plus, we just really love the eTech team. 🙂

New to eTech Parts? You can set up an account here.

And for more details and check out our Knowledge Base for the step-by-step setup process.