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Hey RepairShoprs! Happy Feature Friday!

Today let’s take a deeper look at one of our first and favorite features – Marketr.

Customer relationships are the bedrock of your business. And timely follow ups can strengthen those relationships, drive customer loyalty and even generate repeat business (read, money).

Sounds great, right? But when your day is packed with helping current customers, it can be hard to find the time for marketing.

That’s where Marktr comes in. With one click (seriously, one) you can turn on email follow ups that are automatically sent to customers 14 days or 90 days after their ticket was closed and invoice was paid. 

To make it super easy, we pre-populated the email and settings, but everything in Marketr is customizable. Get started by turning on the 14 day and/or 90 day follow up, if you haven’t already, and then when you have a little more time, have fun tinkering with the different settings.

In the time it took to watch the Feature Friday video, you could have turned on a Marketr campaign, so we hope you did 🙂 Either way, let us know what you think!

– The RepairShopr team