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Hey RepairShoprs – Happy Feature Friday!

We’ve been quietly working away at our iOS and Android apps and wanted to share latest updates with you.

  1. Customers: Customer detail screen now links to that customer’s existing Tickets and Invoices, just like the web app. Yay!

  2. Web View link: You can tap a button in Customers to view Customer detail on the mobile-optimized web app, so you can see more info about a customer than is available in the app.
  3. Tickets: added some new buttons to the Ticket workflow.
  4. Billing: Square got upgraded to support more countries, should work in all the ones that square supports. give it a shot
  5. Custom Fields: more custom field support – like required fields on tickets – now it lets you fill them and make a ticket
  6. Login: streamlined login. Login screens now auto-focus to the password after entering your email and will login once password has been entered.
  7. Feature Parity: we reached Feature parity between the iOS and Android apps – woohoo! – which means you should have the same app experience regardless of which phone you’re using. Sometimes we fix a bug on one platform before the other, but in general, we’ve been keeping up parity.
  8. Required Fields: required fields now include an asterisk next to them to make it a little easier for you to spot – and if you had required fields that we didn’t show in the mobile app that made it impossible to work around – we’ve fixed that!
  9. Bug fixes: slaying bugs left and right 🙂

Download our iOS app here and our Android app here if you haven’t already. If you have questions or feedback, drop us a line at

- The RepairShopr team