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Hey RepairShoprs! Happy Feature Friday!

Say you’re with a customer and need to print an estimate or receipt quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if this could just happen automagically? No clicking Print or selecting which printer you need…just fully automated printing.

We’ve offered this through Google Cloud Print for a few years, but it can take awhile (several seconds or even minutes) for the job to get ready and actually print.

We wanted automatic printing to be faster and easier, so we built AutoPrintr. With AutoPrintr, you can control which documents get sent to specific printers for ultimate convenience, so receipts can go to the printer near your POS while large Ticket PDFs print in your backoffice. 

Learn more about what AutoPrintr does and how it works in the Feature Friday video below, or to get started, select AutoPrintr from the App Center in your RepairShopr account. 

Let us know what you think!

– The RepairShopr team