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Happy Feature Friday, RepairShoprs!

Booking several clients a day can get tricky. We make it easy with powerful booking tools that streamline scheduling and integrate well with other useful RepairShopr widgets.

Our Booking Integration already lets you manage your calendar so clients can schedule an appointment using a dedicated URL.

We also recently added Appointment Types to the scheduling workflow. Now you can send customers different Appointment Types depending on what you need to schedule, like an In-Shop, Onsite or Phone Call appointment. Each Appointment Type comes with customizable time lengths and instructions (ie. “Arrive at my shop at this time”).

Once your Appointment Types are customized, you can use Widget Flows to create a dedicated Scheduling link for each Appointment Type. Each link creates a different Appointment Type and emails the customer specific instructions. You can also use the Widget Flow to define custom settings, like “If someone schedules a 15-minute phone call, turn the meeting into a new Ticket.”

Check out the video for a walkthrough of how to set up the new and improved Appointments Widget:

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– RepairShopr Team