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WOW!  Lots of great feedback from you guys the last week or so.. thank you all!

We launched the beta of a POS module last weekend, contact us if you want to enable it for your account.  It will be available for everyone shortly when it’s closer to finalized.

This seems to be one of those things that a lot of the retail operations will really find useful.

Here are some other things we did this week;

  • Sales report by category/line item/per employee (for commission-based payers)
  • Snail Mail turned on – you can now buy stamps and send snail mail invoices
  • a few small bugs got squashed too

The POS module is a pretty big change, here is how it works

First – you will be able to enable/disable it in the settings like most everything else.  It creates transactions and payments just like going through a customer and making an invoice, but it does it in 1 click that looks good on a touch screen.

It will require you have a customer named “WALKIN” – short for “Walk In Customer” – and it creates invoices under their customer record.

It automatically saves them when you add line items, so you can start one and come back later.  It can’t ‘store them away’ and ‘bring them back’ like some POS systems will do, but we may get to that later 🙂

It will calculate change to make if you want, or there is a button for a “Quick Credit” card payment to just mark it as paid.

Once paid, it takes you to the Invoice Detail screen you are already used to where you can get the pdf and print it as a receipt if you want.