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Wow.. What a blur.

We’ve had a lot of great feature requests for the site and we’ve been racing to get many of them implemented!

  • Google Calendar Sync!
  • Add address line 2
  • Add quick-update for ticket status
  • Some IE bug fixes
  • Add multi location support back in!
  • Rebuilt the search tool, now you can search for email addresses properly
  • Fixed the formatting of phone numbers on the back end
  • Add TextMarketer for SMS in the UK!!
  • Added LOTS of error handling, should get FAR fewer “OOPS” pages
  • Added ability to customize the locations list, and the referredby list
  • Added ability to rename Tax to VAT in translation files
  • Added many more mobile views, should work better from iPhone/iPad
  • Added ability to disable un-used users, but leave in the system
  • Added customize logo size display on your invoices in case the shape didn’t look right
  • Updated the quick payment to create a payment record
  • Added ability to let you update your account name/subdomain/contact info from the admin section

Lots more will be coming this month!  Get your requests in using the feedback widget to the right —>