RepairShopr Blog

Stay tuned for news and updates

It’s been a long week for us – we are trying to take all the feedback we’re getting and load up on everything that can make this product work for you.

Our #1 goal is for this to make your business work better!

We launched a lot of features and bugfixes the last 3 weeks – here is a short summary;

  1. Custom Fields
  2. Mobile Site Fixes
  3. Customer “My Profile” updates and login link (visit your subdomain + /my_profile to see the customer version)
  4. Barcode support

The most exciting for me was the barcode stuff – we are well on our way to having a really robust asset tracking system in place where you can put barcode labels on everything that you touch and scan to instantly pull it up!

That’s basically the roadmap for the next couple weeks – we have some MUCH larger stuff in progress, but it will be a while.

We hope you like it!