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Hey all, we just released about 25 new builds in the last week and wanted to give a quick rundown of what was there.

  • Signup form clarification – tried to illustrate what the subdomain is
  • Admin tools for us
  • Signup confirmation page can auto sign you in to your dashboard now
  • Tweaked the auto-mailer logic a bit to be slightly less aggressive, but more accurate – can’t get in to details – but this feature is super important to us and we’ll constantly be improving it
  • Change outbound email template for ticket notifications
  • Changed inbound email parser to be MUCH more efficient – now parses quickly even very long or complex email templates
  • Added a note to “Reply above this line” to the ticket emails to add clarity for *your* customers – we had some people replying inline and that doesn’t work so well
  • Fixed up the payment form a bit, allowed dropdown boxes for payment method
  • Wired up credit card SWIPE ability – must use “myvirtualmerchant” API at the moment, more will come by request
  • Added a basic ticket API to show open tickets, and ticket statuses
  • Fixed the forgot password features on login forms
  • Made the site redirect you to your subdomain upon login instead of erroring out if you are on the wrong one
  • Added a number of mobile view templates to the app so much more can be done from mobile devices – most of the app is usable now


What a week!  We still aren’t getting much in the way of requests, so please keep submitting them using the feedback widget on the right side of this site or the app.

Upcoming goodies;

  • Better looking calendar
  • More robust reporting for the timeclock and tax reports (most used at the moment)
  • Request the stuff you’d like to see 🙂