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Hey!  What an exciting few weeks..

We have been super happy to have a handful of companies signing up to support us with a monthly subscription – thank you all!!

I’ll cut to the chase, here is the list of items we’ve launched lately.

  • New Invoice Template
  • Recurring Invoices!
  • Email spelling catch
  • Mobile view fixes – mobile theme not needed!
  • Performance optimizations to ticket view (faster page loads)
  • Added the option to enable tickets to sort by “Due Date” instead of id
  • Change to notifications for customer reply emails
  • Nightly Dropbox Backups!!
  • Fixed the logo uploader
  • Added barcodes to tickets/invoices, hooked up barcode scanner to search
  • Created price tags for inventory items, with scannable barcodes
  • Created customer name tag stickers with scannable barcodes
  • Full SMS messages, inbound – FULL reply shows up in ticket
  • Allow you to opt-out your customer from all email
  • Add Paypal payment buttons to invoice emails
  • Fixed nightly tech reminder emails
  • Profit and Loss report added with NET/Gross revenue
  • Added a messaging system for us to communicate, more to come
  • Fix template editor – allows easy html edits now
  • Improved ‘customer’ login to ‘my profile’ to make it simpler

What a busy month – thanks everyone for the great suggestions, feel free to contact us any time for explanations on how to use any of these great and simple new features.