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Hey there!  Here is a list of some of the features and fixes we released since November 15th.

As always, shoot us an email if you have any questions.

  • UK SMS fixes, UK Twilio is hooked up and tested
  • Secondary invoice template available in settings, slightly more formal
  • Added another disclaimer template to secondary invoice template, now full separate from invoice template
  • International phone formatting improvements, still not even close to done, but better for UK
  • Updated the Ticket Progress section with pretty colors
  • Added roughly 10~ new reports and charts to the admin screen;
  • Pie Chart; What time of day your jobs come in, what day of week your jobs come in, what employee creates and comments the most, what types of jobs come in the most, etc
  • New Reports; Parts Report, Updated Tax Report
  • Add mobile phone to ticket PDF if its specified
  • Make ticket numbering unique to your account, now you don’t share ticket numbers with other users
  • REAL multi-location support, instead of just labels, we have search scoping to all areas, a location manager, and a full logistics panel for moving parts, jobs, and dealing with inventory to multiple locations

What a month!

The big feature for this month will be the multi-location improvements.  These changes are going to make it so as you grow to have many retail stores, our software stays out of your way and helps you deal with it all – without any thought.

Take care!!