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D7 W Fit 250x276t

We are now integrated with d7 and dSupportSuite!

Now your dSS Heartbeats have a nice dashboard that you can configure alerts for, and your reports will be attached to the Asset/Ticket like you always wanted.

If you haven’t heard of d7, check it out here:

D7 is the premier technician tool for computer repair techs. This tool allows you to automate scans and repairs, and much much more. Now you can configure d7 to prompt you for a Work Order/Ticket number when you start a job, and it will automatically attach the report to your ticket in RepairShopr.

Just head over to the App Center in RepairShopr to check out the settings page.

D7 App Card

Then you’ll see the settings page where you can configure alerts and see some basic instructions.

D7 Config App

And finally when you get your dSS Heartbeats configured to email into RepairShopr you’ll get a new heartbeat dashboard:

D7 Heartbeats

This is included in all plans including our free users – go check it out