RepairShopr is the all-in-one business platform for repair shops

Integrated with Square, so you can accept payments anywhere.

Looking for the most advanced repair shop business platform?

Grow your business with RepairShopr’s built-in marketing tools, do more in less time with integrated tracking & billing, and streamline your workflow with tons of customization. Plus, make payments on-the-go with the RepairShopr + Square integration.


We’ve integrated with Square to make your life easier

Do you run a drone repair business? One, that’s super cool. Two, RepairShopr can help you. RepairShopr is an all-in-one software platform designed specifically for repair businesses. Our integrated systems talk to each other to help save you time, while our built-in marketing and reporting tools help you grow your business. Learn more about how RepairShopr can help your drone repair business.

  • Syncs with RepairShopr Invoicing
  • Cutting Edge Payment Processing
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Trusted with Customers
  • Quickens Your Workflow
  • No Surprising Hidden Fees


Your all-in-one repair shop platform

With essentials like POS, CRM, ticketing, and integrated billing, plus powerful extras like built-in marketing and reporting tools, RepairShopr is the most complete repair business solution available. 

Email Marketing

Not just a simple CRM, but a powerful integrated marketing platform.

Free for Life

Our free tier lets you test things out to make sure RepairShopr is the right fit.

Cool Integrations

Square, Quickbooks, Xero, Slack, Google Calendar, Cloud Print, RepairTech, plus much more.


Useful Benefits

Grow your business with RepairShopr’s powerful business platform, using Square as your integrated payment partner.

Syncs with RepairShopr Invoicing

Never have to worry about double entering payments again.

Cutting Edge Payment Processing

Make credit card payments on-the-go with Square + RepairShopr iOS or Android app

Responsive Customer Support

Detailed documentation + Square phone support during weekday business hours.

Trusted with Customers

Thousands of happy customers using RepairShopr, small business made easier with Square.

Quickens Your Workflow

Square payment data syncs to RepairShopr, streamlining accounting and reporting to save you time.

No Surprising Hidden Fees

With a 2.75% processing rate plus no monthly fees, Square helps you take home more money from every sale.

14 Day Free Trial

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