RepairShopr and Kabuto RMM Integration

Learn how RepairShopr and Kabuto RMM can help your computer repair business grow.​
Want to generate recurring revenue and increase customer loyalty?

Integrate RepairShopr with Kabuto RMM and start re-selling revenue-generating managed services.


Grow from break-fix to MSP

Whether you’re just starting your repair shop or you’re a seasoned pro, you’re probably looking for new ways to bring customers back to your shop and generate more revenue. Kabuto is a light-weight RMM that lets you offer Managed Services – like Monitoring, Managed Anti-Virus and Patch Management – that keep customers coming back while creating a recurring revenue stream for your business.

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  • Generate Recurring Revenue
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Get More Leads
  • Integrates with RepairShopr
  • Re-Sell Managed Services
  • Customizable Branding


About Kabuto RMM

Re-selling Managed Services can be as easy as integrating Kabuto with RepairShopr.

Start Re-selling

Offer revenue-generating Managed Services to residential clients that you already work with.

Lightweight RMM

Kabuto has the power of managed services without the bloat of other RMMs to make it easier to go from break-fix to MSP.

Ready-to-go Today

Click here to sign up for a free Kabuto account and click here to sign up for a free RepairShopr account.


RepairShopr + Kabuto Integration Benefits

Integrate Kabuto RMM with RepairShopr and start to re-sell Managed Services that directly tie into with your RepairShopr workflow.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Start generating monthly recurring revenue by selling Managed Services designed to help your customers and your business alike.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Kabuto acts as a calling card so customers can easily request service at the moment their machine needs it most, leading to increased loyalty.

Get More Leads

Kabuto alerts customers when their computer requires attention, which generates more repeat jobs for you.

Integrates with RepairShopr

New Leads and Tickets generated from Kabuto are automatically created in RepairShopr to minimize interupption to your existing workflow.

Re-sell Managed Services

Kabuto includes Monitoring, Patch Management and Emsisoft Managed Anti-Virus so taking a step into MSP is turn-key.

Customizable Branding 

Customize Kabuto with your branding to drive stronger brand loyalty when customers need help the most.

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