Are you looking for an integrated payment solution? Consider Vantiv.

Accept online, in-store and mobile payments with best-in-class security and compliance,
that syncs directly with RepairShopr to save time on accounting and reporting.

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Integrated Payments for Small Businesses

We first partnered with Vantiv in 2015 to offer a comprehensive payments solution with end-to-end encryption that is secure, easy to use and friendly on your bottom line. Vantiv delivers on all these fronts, while also making it easier for you to protect you and your customer's data and meet compliance regulations, so you can focus on running your business instead of trying to be payment security gurus. 

  • Syncs with RepairShopr
  • Protect Your Business
  • Easier Compliance
  • Build Trust with Customers
  • Your Compliance Ally
  • More Money in Your Pocket

Apple Pay and so much more... 

Security and Compliance? Check and check. But did you know our Vantiv integration lets you do this?

Cutting Edge Payments

Process payments on-the-go with the RepairShopr iOS app, or accept Apple Pay and Android Pay with an EMV-supported terminal.

Put Revenue on Repeat

Put Recurring Payments on autopilot with RepairShopr and Vantiv, making it easier for you to get paid regularly.

Customer Support

Beyond having the most features for the best price, Vantiv's team is friendly, knowledgeable and available to help you.


Useful Benefits

RepairShopr recommends you consider Vantiv as your integrated payment partner. Here's why...

Syncs with RepairShopr

Data syncs to RepairShopr, streamlining accounting and reporting to save you time.

Protect Your Business

Peer-to-Peer Encryption (P2PE) and tokenization technology are designed to secure data to protect your business and customers alike.

Easier Compliance

Vativ helps you stay compliant with PCI regulations so you can focus on your business instead of trying to become a security expert.

Build Trust with Customers

Protect customer data with the latest credit card processing technology, including EMV chip readers.

Your Compliance Ally

PCI compliance is complex and constantly changing. Vantiv is your trusted partner to navigate this dynamic space.

More Money in Your Pocket

With a 2.69% processing rate plus no monthly fees, minimums or contracts, Vantiv helps you take home more money from every sale.

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